Abortions MichiganSince the 1970s, Abortion Online has offered caring services to the women who need them.
• We support your choices
• We respect your privacy
• We are committed to your safety
• Abortion services through 24 weeks

Call us at (248) 932-1777. We have multiple convenient abortion clinics in Michigan to serve you.

Our Doctor is a Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN and is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and with special training in family planning, laser, infertility, cervical cancer and abortions.

Abortion Online began in the 1970’s in response to the need for safe, legal, compassionate abortion services. Since then, Abortion Online has been dedicated to developing and providing the best in abortion care. We happen to be one of the few providers in Michigan that takes the real risk out of anesthesia by using only licensed and board-certified nurse anesthetists. We offer conscious sedation anesthesia to patients who request it. Both pregnancy tests and counseling information are available free of charge with our abortion procedures. Abortion Online and Dr. Jacob Kalo believe in the philosophy that every woman has the right to make reproductive decisions that best reflect her personal values and lifestyle.

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We Care! Here is our commitment to our clients:

Respect and Confidentiality
By providing professional, compassionate abortion care for thousands of women, we have developed a reputation for excellence and safety. Our patients are important to us. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day every day – as our patient, you never need to be concerned about anything. Just call.

Abortion Online pioneered the use of many services which are now standard in most abortion provider offices. Abortion Online’s ten offices are independent, private-physician offices, staffed by a team of professionals that includes licensed and board-certified OB-GYN physicians, licensed and board-certified nurse anesthetists, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory personnel and counselors.
Abortion Online can provide you with the most flexibility in scheduling your appointment because of our six locations, all available to serve you six days each week.


Abortion Online offers the following abortion services:

• Abortion through 24 weeks
• Laminaria for patients who are in their second trimester
• Confidential health history
• Laboratory tests including a pregnancy test and an Rh factor screening test
• Discussion with a counselor regarding options, questions, legal requirements, etc.
• Pelvic examination and ultrasound
• Anesthesia – the abortion procedure may be done with a local anesthetic, conscious sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the stage of pregnancy and the patient’s wishes
• Recovery room care, including aftercare instructions and birth control information and samples
• Two week post-surgical follow-up visit
• Medical abortions (RU486) – RU486 is also called the “abortion pill” and is not an alternative for everyone. Patients should be aware that this is a medical process which takes place over a two-week     period and involves two to three visits. Patients must be less than 49 days pregnant.

We utilize only the FDA-approved method of Mifepristone.

If you decide to have an abortion, Michigan law requires you to receive certain material 24 hours in advance of the surgery. Many people believe that this material is intended to scare you or change your mind by making you feel guilty. Remember, this is your decision. Only you can decide what is best for you in your circumstances.

Other Services
We offer many valuable services, because early detection of health problems often leads to an early cure. That’s why we encourage our patients to have regular testing.
Other Gynecological Services:
• Annual exams, Pap smears and mammograms
• Contraception counseling and management
• Evaluation and treatment of any of the gynecological disorders so common in young females, including abnormal Pap smears, abnormal bleeding and pelvic and vaginal infections
• Screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
• HPV vaccine (Gardasil)

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I bleed?
After a surgical abortion some women don’t bleed at all. Some bleed lightly. Others bleed more heavily, similar to having a period. Bleeding can last from just a few hours to as long as 3 to 4 weeks. It can remain constant or start and stop. All these variations are usually normal.
If you are having a medication abortion (RU-486), you can expect the heaviest bleeding to usually be on day 3 of the process; usually around 2-3 hours after taking the final dosage.

2. Will the abortion procedure hurt?
There’s no simple answer because everyone experiences it differently.
For surgical abortions we offer 4 pain relief options
Every patient has local anesthesia to numb the cervical area. If you choose this option only, as about half our patients do, you can expect to feel some uncomfortable pressure and menstrual-type cramping during the procedure.
As an option, you can have oral sedation to help relieve anxiety and discomfort.
If you choose to have conscious sedation, we’ll administer medication through an IV that will help you relax and lessen any discomfort.
If you choose general anesthesia also administered through an IV, you’ll be asleep during the procedure and won’t feel anything.
Please be aware that if you choose conscious anesthesia or general anesthesia you’ll have eating and drinking restrictions. If you choose oral sedation, conscious sedation or anesthesia you will need someone to drive you home.
When you choose to have a medication abortion (RU-486), you should be prepared for strong menstrual-type cramping on day 3 of the process, usually around 2-3 hours after taking the final dosage of medication.

3. Is the procedure risky?
Every medical procedure has certain risks and possible complications.
However, complications are (our complication rate is only one quarter of one
percent), and most of them are easily remedied. In fact, abortion is far safer than
childbirth. You will have an opportunity to discuss the abortion procedure and its risks
prior to your abortion.

4. What is the difference between a surgical and a medication abortion?
A surgical abortion involves a procedure in which the doctor numbs the mouth of the uterus (cervix) and uses instruments to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. The procedure usually takes from 3 to 4 minutes. With a medication abortion you terminate your pregnancy by taking a combination of two drugs. The physician gives you the first dosage of medication to take while in the office and we send you home with the second and final dosage of medication with instructions when and how to take it on the day 3 of the process. This will make your uterus cramp and contract, which causes bleeding and expels the pregnancy. We perform medication abortions thru the 8th week of pregnancy.

5. What‘s the difference between the “abortion pill” and the “morning after pill”?
The abortion pill, also called Ru486, mifepristone, and Mifeprex® , is a drug used in
medication abortions to end an early pregnancy. The morning after pill, more
commonly called emergency contraception or EC, is a drug used to prevent
unintended pregnancy up to 120 hours after a woman has had unprotected sex. Both
the abortion pill and morning after pill are available at Abortion Online.

6. How many weeks can you perform abortion services through?
Federal Law states that you can have an abortion as late as 24 weeks of pregnancy. After 15 weeks, abortion services are more complex. It involves the insertion of a medical dialator that will stay in place for several hours. After this procedure, you will go home and return the next day for surgery under total general anesthesia.

7. Can I have all of my services in 1 day?
Yes. If you are less than 16 weeks pregnant. For patients who are 16-24 weeks procedures are done over the course of a two day period.

8. What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?
– valid photo ID that states your date of birth
– payment in the form of cash or credit card. The credit card holder must be present
– Insurance card if you are using insurance
-If you are under 18 years old, you need parental consent or judicial bypass.
– If you received the 24 hour consent information over the internet you must bring the confirmation page that confirms when you are eligible to have an abortion procedure.

9. How do I get 24-hour Consent for my abortion
Click here for 24-hour Consent forms

Michigan law requires women seeking an abortion to follow the procedures explained in the following pages .After completing the process , you will need to print a timed and dated form, which you will need to present to your doctor.
This confirmation form must be presented at our office prior to an abortion.

10. Do my parents have to know?
Under current Michigan law, there are two options if you want to have an abortion and you’re under age18:
1) you can get the signature of a parent or legal guardian, or
2) you can obtain a judicial bypass from juvenile court. Our appointment center staff can explain the judicial bypass process.

11. How much does an abortion cost?
Our prices are competitive to every clinic and much less than a private physician will charge. We accept many types of insurance. At this time, Medicaid does not cover abortion services.

12. Can I bring someone with me?
You are welcome to bring a support person with you. If you are having conscious sedation or general anesthesia, you must have a responsible adult driver with you. We cannot accommodate children so please make other arrangements for their care while you’re here.

13. When will I get my next period?
Expect to get your regular period 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion. If you are taking birth control pills, they may affect when you get your period. Please be aware that If you are not using birth control, you could become pregnant even before your next period begins.

14. My Doctor did an ultrasound and blood work. Can I bring the results with me and save some money?
Yes. If necessary we will repeat some tests without charging extra money.

15. How quickly can I return to my normal activities?
Generally 24 hours. There will be some restrictions depending on the type of work you do.

16. After the abortion, what symptoms would indicate something is wrong and what should I do?
Call us immediately if you experience the following symptoms:
You have a fever above 100.4 degrees F.
You experience severe, persistent abdominal pain
You experience dizziness or if you begin to faint
You develop hives or a rash
You soak a maxi pad in less than one hour
You pass blood clots larger than a 50-cent piece
You experience persistent symptoms of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness or nausea
You do not have a period within 8 weeks of surgery
If you feel as though you are in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately or proceed
to the nearest emergency room.
17. Will I be able to have children in the future?
Generally, an abortion will not affect your ability to have children. This is true even if you’ve had more than one abortion. A complication of the surgery could affect this, but Womancare’s complication rate is less than 1 in 20,000 patients. It is unlikely that an abortion will affect your ability to have children in the future.


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